Weed Prices – How Much Does a Gram of Weed Cost?

As marijuana becomes more socially acceptable around the world, more places are taking steps towards legalization both recreationally and medically. There are several factors that contribute to the weed price in different places including the supply, the number of available licenses to grow commercially and the consumer demand. Learn the price of a gram in the USA and different parts of the world where marijuana is legal.

Weed Prices Across the United States

Just like weed prices vary based on the quantity, strain, and product purchased, they also vary based on your geographical location. Much of marijuana pricing is dictated by supply and demand. For example, states with more dispensaries in operation and established legalization tend to have lower weed prices because the market is more saturated. For example, Florida, where only a few companies have licenses to operate, have less product variation and cost more for each purchase.

States with legalization for criminal and recreational use also impact the weed prices. If only medicinal use is approved, the cost of the medication tends to be much higher. Below is a chart of states and their status in the legalization process.

Legal Weed States for Recreational and Medical Use

Every election at the state and federal level seems to bring up at least one issue relating to marijuana legalization. The information for state legalization is constantly changing so it is important to know your rights, especially as you are traveling from state to state.

A good number of states allow medical marijuana but not recreational use. In these cases, a state license and visit to a doctor is required, you cannot just state you have a medical condition and get treatment. As it stands, no state has a legal age below 21 years of age, even in places with recreational use.

Many states have gone beyond legalization and into decriminalization of cannabis. In most cases (again, all states vary), this means that a first-time charge of marijuana possession equates to a law violation equivalent to that of a traffic ticket. A small amount, for personal consumption, will no longer land the user in jail if the state is decriminalized.

weed prices

StateMedicalRecreationalDate legalizedLegal Age
AlaskalegallegalFeb 24, 201521 years +
CalifornialegallegalJan 1, 201821 years +
ColoradolegallegalNov 6, 201221 years +
GeorgiaCBD oil less than 5% THCillegal
IdahoCBD oil with 0% THCillegal
IllinoislegallegalJan 1, 202021 years +
Iowacannabis oil less than 3% THCillegal
KansasCBD oil with 0% THCillegal
KentuckyCBD oilillegal
MainelegallegalNov 201621 years +
MassachusettslegallegalJul. 201821 years +
MichiganlegallegalDec. 201821 years +
MississippiCBD oildecriminalized
NevadalegallegalJul 1, 201721 years +
New Hampshirelegaldecriminalized
New Jerseylegalillegal
New Mexicolegaldecriminalized
New Yorklegaldecriminalized
North CarolinaCBD oildecriminalized
North Dakotalegaldecriminalized
OregonlegallegalJan 1, 201521 years +
Rhode Islandlegaldecriminalized
South CarolinaCannabis oil less than 0.9% THCillegal
South Dakotaillegalillegal
TennesseeCBD oil less than 0.5% THCillegal
VermontlegallegalJan 11, 201821 years +
WashingtonlegallegalJan 201221 years +
Washington DClegallegalNov 201421 years +
West Virginialegalillegal

Weed Prices By State

Knowing the approximate price to expect by state can help you be a better consumer. Preferably, you would know the price and most common quantities to expect before you walk in the store. Just like with any other product, you will experience variation in pricing depending on how much you are purchasing, the intensity of the strain, and the rarity of the strain. The following table is for medium quality weed strains per the quantity listed.

StateGram 1/8 of an ozQuarter of an ozHalf of an ozOunce 
Missouri (25)$9.78$34.25$68.50$137.01$274.02
New Hampshire$10.64$37.23$74.46$148.91$292.1
New Jersey$10.68$37.37$74.73$149.46$297.81
New Mexico$8.13$28.47$56.94$113.89$228.11
New York$9.67$33.86$67.72$135.43$269.88
North Carolina$9.65$33.80$67.61$135.23$270.46
North Dakota$11.72$41.03$82.06$164.11$327
Rhode Island$9.11$31.90$63.80$127.59$255.38
South Carolina$8.22$28.77$57.55$115.10$230.2
South Dakota$12.01$42.06$84.13$168.26$336.53
Washington DC$17.76$63.27$126.55$253.09$497.34
West Virginia$9.00$31.51$63.02$126.04$255.78

The souce of the weed prices above can be found here and here

Main Factors that Impact the Price of Cannabis

There are several factors which dictate the price of cannabis. It could be everything from the source of the cannabis, the availability of the strain (supply and demand), taxes of the state, and the quality of the product. You shouldn’t see an exceptionally high price without an explanation though, so before you purchase at high weed prices make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

The Availability of the Strain (Supply and Demand)

In cases with designer strains and special products, the availability may be low which makes the cost higher. Because cannabis strains are grown by professionals, they may experiment with new strains, test out new products for the market, and even grow limited quantities on purpose. Some strains or products can cost more due to a lack of supply. Supply and demand also apply to cannabis strains!

State Taxes

Some consumer goods have extra taxes added onto the purchase price and marijuana is no exception. States choose to put higher taxes on these medicinal and recreational products to boost the income for the state. Taxes average about 30% in some states! One state with some of the highest taxes in the country is Washington. They tax marijuana purchases at 37%, which would take a $30 eighth and make it $39.

Product Quality

As indicated throughout, cannabis costs can range vastly even for a small amount of bud such as an eighth. Quality of weed is perhaps the most influential factor that dictates the price. Just like some strains are more available than others, certain strains are higher quality. Low-quality weed is lacking in cannabinoids which makes it less effective. Paying for quality means you get the intended effects from the product.


Uruguay became the first country to fully legalize marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes in 2013. The weed price of a gram ranges anywhere from five dollars to 12 dollars depending on where you are in Uruguay. The regulations for selling marijuana have loosened so much that local pharmacies can now sell the drug.


The Cannabis Act that was enacted in 2018 made marijuana legal for recreational purposes across the country of Canada. The weed laws and regulations in Canada will vary depending on which area of the country you’re. In some places, you can only make a purchase through an online dispensary. The marijuana cost of a gram in Canada ranges from 10 dollars to 15 dollars.


There are many countries throughout the world that have decriminalized the use of marijuana but have yet to legalize it. This makes it difficult to determine the cannabis price of a gram due to the lack of a legal market. For the countries and states that marijuana is legal in, the price is determined by certain factors. In Illinois for example, there are limited licenses for growing marijuana commercially. This means that supply is often much lower than the demand, especially since it was just recently legalized recreationally. Once more people receive licenses to grow and the hype simmers down, the supply will more closely match the demand. This will naturally cause the price to drop to a level that is closer to other places that have legalized marijuana.

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