Vancouver Projects Give Weed to Curb Overdoses. Police Just Raided One


A council motion has supported ‘low barrier’ cannabis as an alternative to opioids.

Neil Magnuson says he provides more than 200 people free high-potency cannabis edibles as an alternative to them using opioids. On Saturday, he says, Vancouver police raided his supply on wheels.

Magnuson, founder of the unlicensed Cannabis Substitution Project, started the project out of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users office more than three years ago.

Two years into Canada’s legal cannabis regime, dispensary raids have mostly fallen out of British Columbia’s headlines. So Magnuson was surprised when cops showed up where he’d parked his 40-year-old RV that serves as a temporary storefront after an eviction last month.

The police cleaned out most of his cannabis stock, worth thousands of dollars, he says.

Read the full story on The Tyee.


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