The Roll-up bonus episode: How cannabis helped Carlos Santana get “truly hip and wise”

  • Last modified: December 15, 2020


In this bonus ep, Leafly’s David Downs talks with legendary musician Carlos Santana about music, cannabis, San Francisco, and Santana’s new cannabis brand, Mirayo.

Mirayo, Carlos Santana’s new line of cannabis products, includes these pre-roll tins designed with a modern take on the Santana aesthetic. (Images courtesy of Mirayo)

As a child, Carlos Santana watched his mother use local cannabis herbs to make homemade topical salves. “Once I learned what I learned from mom, and then the things that I learned in the Haight-Ashbury from the Hippies, then I realized that there were two different frequencies on this planet: the frequency of self-deception; and the frequency of self-discovery,” he told Leafly.

Mirayo is the next step on his journey of self-discovery.

Carlos Santana (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

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