SEO Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Why should you have your business listed on Cannabis Stack?

Cannabis Stack is the largest business-to-business directory for the Cannabis industry. Our Basic package gets your business or event a dedicated profile page with an image, website link, and location displaying in one relevant category. Your listing page has a link to your website and this will naturally support your SEO efforts.  

TIP 1: Make the most our of your description

Make your cannabis business listing description long enough

The length of each page online is one of its keys to success. In order for your listing to get more views you should make your business description at least  200 words long. Make your description for your listing on Cannabis Stack unique. This will give your future customers or vendors a good overview of your business  – your services or products. Read more on the importance of your page length for your SEO optimization here.    

Add your brand name at the top paragraph

The name of your business or event will serve as a main keyword for your listing page on Cannabis Stack. Try to mention your brand name at the top paragraph and at least one more time throughout your description. The key here is to do it as naturally as possible – this is what the customers value the most. Read more on the importance of keywords for your SEO optimization here. 

Tell your future customers what is your product or service about 

Your future customers, vendors or partners need a clear explanation of what it is that you do. Be clear with your explanation, use shorter and simple sentences. It is advisable that you add the category of your page in your description. Say you are a wholesale producer – mention it. Explain your service or list your products and add a link to your website in your description and this will naturally boost your SEO. Read more of our SEO tips for Cannabis businesses here.


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