Patients, caregivers say Ohio medical marijuana prices too high, and acquiring it compounded by coronavirus

  • Last modified: December 8, 2020

BY: Leafly

A majority of patients and caregivers in the Ohio medical marijuana program – 58.4% — are dissatisfied with product prices, according to a recent survey.

The results of the survey, which the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program sent to all registered patients and caregivers this fall, aren’t surprising. Prices are a much talked-about topic in online forums, with many people complaining about the expense.

Compounding the cost for patients was a springtime rush on dispensaries, in which there were long lines and increases in prices. This is generally attributed to the coronavirus and people stocking up, as they did with bottled water and toilet paper.

The state received responses from 11,936 registered patients and caregivers, just over 10% of the total, and found 59.9% said they are paying up to $299 a month on medical marijuana.

Marijuana pricing

Ohio medical marijuana costs vary by product. For instance, processed products such as edibles can cost more by weight than plant material, which also varies in price, depending on strain and other properties.

Last week, plant material averaged $284.10 an ounce in the state.

This is down from Jan. 19, 2019, the week the first dispensaries opened, when it averaged $428 an ounce. [Read more at]

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