Marijuana Holidays: Tips for Safe, Solo Celebrations in 2020

The 2020 Holiday Season is sure to go down in history as being unlike any other before it. Social distancing, altered holiday shopping, the stress of the craziest year on record for over a century, there’s a lot going on that will change the way we celebrate. This year, due to COVID, many may find themselves like Santa in his sleigh: flying high on a solo mission for the good of your fellow humans. However, don’t start up with the “bah humbug” just yet, there are plenty of ways to make merry with Mary Jane. The PotGuide team has put together some tips to toke your way through the Holidays.

Have Yourself a Stoney Little Christmas

We would never encourage anyone to overindulge on cannabis, but if you’re solo this year, one advantage is a chance to let your cannabis flag fly to whatever height you choose. Once that video call to the folks back home is done, you can get your eyes as red as you please. After-dinner dabs? Don’t mind if we do!

Being solo can be a bummer, but it’s also a chance for free expression, exploration and relaxation. Start that weird art project you aren’t ready to show people! Dye your hair funky colors! Make food no one else would like! It’s your tiny vacation, live it up to the fullest.

Cue Up Some Cannabis Friendly Holiday Movies

It doesn’t take a seasoned smoker to recommend adding some extra special mistletoe to your holiday viewing list. Christmas movies are by their nature over-the-top visually stimulating, and all those lights twinkle just a little brighter with some Kush. If you’re looking for some overt Christmas smoke-fests, there’s A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, or Seth Rogan’s The Night Before.

The classics pair well with cannabis as well. Any version of the Grinch is good with some green, and we doubt Adam Sandler would protest trying eight crazy strains over Eight Crazy Nights. We always thought Ralphie from A Christmas Story could use some more chill, or if you really want to get weird, try doing a Hallmark marathon with some edibles. For bonus fun, consider making your own smoking game (bong rip every time someone says Santa?), or convene for a watch-party sesh with friends.

Take Advantage of Cyber Sales

With the vast majority of holiday shopping shifting to online this year, plenty of deals that used to be more time-sensitive have been extended to last the whole season. We’re pretty sure everyone will understand if gifts are a little delayed this year, so take the extra time to shop with leisure, from your living room, with a nice big joint.

There are few better ways to get through the buying blitz. And if your shopping for others is done for the year, why not yourself something nice? 2020 was crazy, you deserve it.

Infused Food Part 2: Return of Cannabis

Oh, you thought Turkey was good with Trainwreck? There’s more where that came from. Give Santa’s cookies a little extra fun this year, and make some for yourself while you’re at it.

Fruit cakes, rum balls, hot cocoa, warm cider… Our heads swim thinking of all the great things to infuse. Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Christmas, no matter what your friends and family celebrate, there’s sure to be a feast attached to it. Brisket and blunts? We’ll take seconds.

Happy Holidays from PotGuide

Much like the winter Holidays, cannabis is known for bringing people together. Through our common love of the cannabis plant, we can feel close even with miles between us. While this year’s celebrations may be a little strange, let us not forget that they are still celebrations. We at PotGuide are celebrating the incredible amount of cannabis progress this year, and look forward to the year to come. We wish you all the happiest of holidays, and may you stay safe, warm and well.

How will you be celebrating the Holidays this year? Share your plans in the comments below!

Photo Credit: PS Imaging (license)


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