WeedBiz is the headquarters for cannabusiness development. We provide a wide range of marketing, video and graphic design services tailored to businesses that work within the emerging legal cannabis industry.

Through our vast network of cannabis industry partnerships we also provide cannabusiness owners and entrepreneurs access to leading marijuana industry consultants, equipment and supply chain software.

Smart Cannabusiness Solutions
In addition to traditional internet marketing services, WeedBiz also provides creative solutions to problems unique to the emerging legal cannabis industry. As this industry continues to build and refine itself we watch for the cream to rise to the top. That is, we pay attention to emerging cannabusiness solutions that develop a solid reputation based on customer satisfaction and exceptional value. We partner with those professionals and are then able to offer our clients many value-added services, along with an assurance that a thorough vetting process has already taken place. Examples of industry professionals WeedBiz partners with include grow and dispensary consultants, print and alternative media, attorneys, cannabis legalization organizations, cannabis industry trade groups, cannabis supply chain providers and cannabis supply chain software providers.

Blue Ridge,  GA  United States