[Washington Alternative Medicine], abbreviated WAM Oil [for short] is a Seattle-based innovative concentrate producer specializing in 100% organic Co2 cannabis oil. WAM Oil was introduced as the first cannabis extraction company in Washington State to package, brand and market cannabis oil to patients. The original founder of WAM Oil recognized the healing effects of cannabis oil when his partner was diagnosed with cancer. In conjunction with partner and team, WAM Oil started extracting cannabis oil with alcohol, moved to butane and graduated to Co2 in order to provide a purely refined and healthy cannabis oil concentrate on the market for patients. WAM Oil’s proprietary extraction and refinement process removes all solvents (Co2, water and pure grain organic alcohol) while maintaining intact terpene profile that provides a flavorful oil without artificial flavoring or terpene enhancement. WAM Oil’s purely-refined organic oil is considered the premier cannabis oil in Washington State that is often imitated, never duplicated. WAM Oil, there is no substitute.

2215 4th Ave S Seattle,  WA  98134 United States