VividGro® is a division of Lighting Science–a global leader that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent LED lighting solutions products for consumer and commercial applications. Our mission is to create healthier environments and invent a better future for all mankind; we focus exclusively on health, wellness and the biological impacts of light.

Established in 2001, LSG has consistently pioneered human-centric products. The next generation of these products focuses on light’s ability to purify surfaces, help the body heal, create a more productive workforce, build smarter classrooms and help meet the needs of the global food economy with advanced indoor agriculture technology.

VividGro® is helping LSG pioneer the ag tech space. We develop technology-based products that empower growers to create a superior growing environment.

VividGro’s advantage stems from LSG’s origin as a company that developed lighting technology for NASA to use at the International Space Station to help astronauts adapt to sleep cycles in space and feel more rested and energized. VividGro® uses these same spectrum controlled lights to mimic natural sunlight, giving your plants a superior growing environment. Our products have been developed by our team of former NASA engineers and industry experts; findings from our testing at the International Space Station and in Antarctica have led to cutting edge lighting products that can be used across the globe to produce sustainable crops and indoor produce. We hold more than 300 patents on proprietary technology that sets us apart from our competition.

VividGro® delivers high quality LED grow lighting products to customers at a competitive market price with unbeatable customer service. Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure quality and performance and are backed by a limited warranty.. Customers can be confident that their VividGro® purchase today will translate into energy savings for years to come.

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