Trichome Institute sets the highest standards of education & certification in the cannabis industry. Enroll in online courses or shop Interpening tools.

The Trichome Institute sets the highest standards of science, education, and certification in the cannabis industry with our award-winning curricula. We founded Trichome Institute in January of 2014 after over a decade spent in various parts of the cannabis industry. We realized there was a shared problem across every aspect of the industry: a lack of credible, accurate, and thoroughly researched information. This lack of information wasn’t serving anyone—recreational users, medical patients, dispensaries, growers—no one. From there we set out to solve this problem, becoming the definitive voice in professional certifications, consumer education, and quality assurance, providing the industry with the best information available.

We produce training textbooks, student workbooks, proof-of-knowledge tests, and original curriculum for all of our courses. All our textbooks are reviewed and approved by the highest authorities in cannabis law, science, and medicine. Trichome’s curriculums are certified by The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and the Marijuana Enforcement Division. We also created and teach the world’s only cannabis sommelier program, Interpening®, and our cannabis quality certification system, TAG. Together TAG and Interpening bring the cannabis industry inline with other comparable consumer goods such as beer, wine, coffee, and cheese, creating a class of cannabis experts and a standardized system for judging quality. We are constantly researching to stay on the cutting edge of cannabis science, medicine, business, and law, and update our curriculum as the industry and our understanding of cannabis changes. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date as the world of cannabis continues to grow!

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