The San Diego Strainbank was established in Spring 2009 and we’re the only collective offering verified cannabis genetics originating from international seedbanks. All the varieties of marijuana offered on our Strain Menu were added after flowering seeds, in which the best genetics were identified and desired phenotypes preserved.

We recognize the long withstanding reputation international breeders have come to earn and for this reason only carry easily identifiable, stable genetics. The success of our collective results from a simple method of acquiring the most potent cannabis strains for patients and breeders alike.

The San Diego Strainbank has been the best source of marijuana clones in California for the last several years. We have the most professional & simple platform online to buy marijuana clones for sale. Don’t be fooled by gimmick websites with random lists of marijuana strains and no information.

A Recognized Authority

Unable to drive to San Diego? Buy cannabis seeds and have them shipped overnight. Seeds bred and harvested locally have the highest germination rate. Expedited shipping eliminates unnecessary stress seeds experience and a representative is always available to speak to if you have a problem.

Value & Savings

Our collective does not advertise and we pass the savings to patient members. We rely on marijuana growers telling friends about the success of their garden and patients returning, wanting new genetics or coming back for old favorites. Our long withstanding web presence has allowed the San Diego Strainbank to quickly become a premier, globally recognized source of superior cannabis genetics. You’ll appreciate the difference.

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