The Lab strives to raise the standard for marijuana concentrates everywhere and we are proud to offer our award winning cannabis extraction services to the industry. The Lab is dedicated to ensuring the highest possible quality for our concentrates, focusing on terpene retention and maximizing yields. We strive to create a safe and consistent product regardless of the type of concentrate desired. By utilizing our proprietary processing methods established in our state of the art laboratory, we are able to deliver a final product that is skillfully refined with unmatched quality.

Our award winning laboratory specializes in butane-extracted concentrates in the form of live resin batter, live resin sugar, budder and shatter. The Lab utilizes instrument grade n-Butane in the extraction process because it is a non-toxic, non-polar, organically friendly solvent that contains no mercaptans and has a low boiling point. n-Butane is made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms that allow it to dissolve oils very effectively without reacting and creating unwanted bi-products. This solvent has been used in the food industry for decades because it is one of the easiest solvents to cleanly evaporate, leaving no trace and does not react with products being extracted.

Our production team understands the importance of patience in the extraction process, which is necessary to ensure the highest quality concentrates will be delivered to the marketplace. We pride ourselves on creating strain specific batches, with a focused terpene profile identical to the original starting material. Our team is always committed to improving their craft through technological advancements in instrumentation and processes. We continuously dedicate ourselves to research and development of concentrates and infused products. We are proud to consider The Lab as the most innovative and original concentrate production facility in Colorado.

Denver,  CO  United States