Welcome to Start Your Collective. Ensuring your right Cultivate, Dispense, Manufacture, and Distribute in compliance with state law. Providing a pathway for small business operators to transition into the legal California Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis Industry.

Start Your Collective specializes in organizing compliant Medical Marijuana Collectives in the state of California and soon will offer for profit and LLC formation. Whether you would like to operate as a Delivery Service, Cultivator, Edible manufacturer, Concentrate artist or store front Dispensary we have you covered.

Our staff at Start Your Collective is fully dedicated to your cause! As previous medical marijuana providers ourselves, We understand your passion and desire to provide safe access to medical marijuana patients, in accordance with California state law. Our Goal is to provide the highest level of service and quality this industry has to offer, at a reasonable and affordable price.

Our Collectives are 100% complainant with Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420, and the California Attorney General Guidelines. After organizing over 800 in the past 7 years, Start Your Collective is well experienced in collective formation.

We have a proven system that has helped over 70 of our collective operators prove compliance to law enforcement on the spot.

What is Start Your Collective?
A company devoted to helping small business operators transition into the legal California Medical and Recreational market.

Where we are.
Located in San Diego and happy to meet with clients in person at our office. But, feel free to save your vacation days because we can do all business over the phone, email, and FedEx.

4455 Murphy Canyon Rd Suite 100-21 San Diego,  CA  92123 United States