Simplified Leasing – Assisting Manufactures and Vendors with an increased approval ratio for their clients who may enjoy Affordable Financing terms for equipment in their business.

Simplified Capital – Fueling All Startups with LOW COST CAPITAL (as low as 0%). Working Capital for Existing Business Owners as well. Real Estate Funding (commercial) for most All Credits and SBA Loans.

A+ Rated and Trusted Source for more than 15 years. Building Long Lasting Relationships with all our Clients and their referrals in the business community

It’s not about us. IT’S ABOUT YOU. However, since you stopped by… Here’s a bit about us.
We are a dedicated team of finance professionals blah blah blah…. We are here to help you get the money you need to succeed in your ventures Yadda Yadda Yadda…. For more than 15 years Simplified Capital has helped our clients obtain funding for their start-up ventures snore fest and so on…….

Are you still with us? AWESOME! Like us, you must enjoy a sense of humor and HOPEFULLY enjoy refreshing approach to finance. If you’re like most people, we know you don’t want to read a bunch of Corporate Boring Fluff.

Seriously. No one goes out of business by being over capitalized! That’s EXACTLY what we’re about and That’s where we come in.

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