Phyto Partners is a venture capital fund that makes equity and debt investments in emerging early stage and operating businesses in the Cannabis industry.

The fund is invested in companies that provide products and services which are mandated, and in many cases part of the capital budget required for the businesses to operate.

Phyto Partners will seek out co-investment opportunities with like minded venture and private equity funds that have a similar investment strategies as the Fund. By collaborating with other investment experts, we will develop synergistic partnerships that will benefit our portfolio companies and our partners.

Phyto Partners’ portfolio companies are able to leverage off one another and collaborate to execute successful business plans. Our advisors and industry relationships bring together the knowledge and expertise to help our portfolio companies thrive in the dynamic and fast growing cannabis industry.

Phyto Partners’ twelve (12) portfolio companies ALL benefit from the growth of the industry and are not directly impacted by supply, demand, and pricing dynamics of Cannabis. None of our current investments are licensed producers, processors, or distributors/retailers of Cannabis.

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