Ensuring your large-scale farm is operating to maximum capacity by driving up crop yields, lowering costs whilst improving quality through automation and smart cultivation is your number one concern and keeping track of your staff, and ensuring they are performing the tasks you have assigned them, which is time consuming.

Are they checking for pests, deficiencies and viruses to save you from crop failure…or occupied elsewhere?

By using our smart technology, Phyllo, can save you money, time and effort to ensure your farm runs more efficiently and profitably – without you even being there!

Phyllo is a collaboration of people from the commercial cannabis industry, with over 50 years of experience within this field, combined with leading experts in artificial intelligence and technological innovation industry.

With the combined knowledge of its team, Phyllo has developed the next AI generation platform that manages security, environmental knowledge, human movement and crop management by utilising lidar technology.

Burnley, United Kingdom