Claimed is the worlds newest dating social network for people who need and enjoy natures medicine. Meet. Smoke. Chill. Listing Details. is a dating network of over 45,000 members from around the world. Members are there for love, networking, or just chillin. It has come along way till now and we are seeking capital to take it to a whole new level.

Along with this site we have a product line with edibles made with the highest quality Cannabis. We love our patients and we love hearing about them being healed or cured. Our Chef has over 7 years experience and we make anything from salads to banana Oreo ice cream bars. We make a healing cream that has been tested on skin cancer, arthritis, my own 3rd degree burns, and many other skin and joint related problems.

What’s the difference between us and other dating sites? Everything. No squares here, man. You don’t need to scour every single dating site wasting time and money looking for someone perfect for you. We’ve narrowed it down for you. The question that makes or breaks every date; “Do you smoke? Like weed?”. That question doesn’t exist here, giving you peace of mind. Even if you’re already in a relationship but just looking for cool people to hangout with, that’s what cannabis is all about. Bringing like-minded (more open-minded if you ask us) people together creates a strong environment where you can come hangout every day and feel comfortable. So sign up, create a nice profile, and keep the good vibes flowin’.

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