There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in this industry, and it’s time to cut through it.

Nesta is a private equity firm that builds partnerships and brands within the cannabis space. We aim to be the premier partner for companies aspiring to create and shape this budding new industry.

We look for partners – not assets – for our portfolio. We then apply our collective strategic, operational and brand expertise to help build sustainable, future-proofed companies targeting key market niches.

We are not in this for the short game. We want to create lasting ethical and industry leading brands, products and services.

We’re constantly thinking up new ideas or on the look out for companies that inspire and promote growth in this industry. Our goal at Nesta is to build a portfolio of partners as diverse as the plant.

We are not a group of Wall Street executives looking for a quick RTO, nor are we Ivy leaguers without any product affiliation trying to exploit this amazing industry. We are industry advocates. We are medicinal patients. And our founders created the largest producer of medicinal cannabis in North America.

343 Preston Street, 11th Floor Ottawa,  ON  K1S 1N4 Canada