Founded in 2010, marQaha is one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the industry. Since this time we have heard many incredible stories, met amazing people and are still learning much about the plant. We look forward to continuing this journey together.

marQaha is a very old Arabic word that refers to the “bliss” felt while drinking coffee, it has also come to mean “someone or something impossible to hate”. We infuse everything we do with this idea in our approach towards our customers and their patients.

We bring years of experience into each day. This is a delicate balance of hands-on production and verified lab results to confirm the consistency of each crafted batch. Repetition is the mother of perfection. Our processes are repeated hundreds of times a day and refined over years. This is slow, deliberate perfection.

Each product we design requires so much more than cannabis to create something extraordinary. It’s the union of all ingredients such as the coffee beans, chamomile tea and blueberries that brings harmony within the blend.

Sourced locally and globally, we are obsessed with finding the best ingredients and meeting the people behind them that grow the raw goods. Trust is established and friendships are fostered with the farmers, roasters and suppliers that makeup the finer pieces that create our products.

This is the essence of our culture: It’s not the fast way. It’s the right way that allows us to create the experience of marQaha.

Boulder,  Colorado  United States