Marijuana Business Law Associates has been formed to offer the finest legal support in the ever changing marijuana Industry. Established in 2010, Marijuana Business Law Associates are professional attorneys offering legal solutions for Cannabis Industry business people by providing excellent service to marijuana collective operators, patients, and cannabis growers across California. Their Cannabis Business Attorneys are licensed across California, Washington and Oregon, to offer help for your business to remain legally compliant in this evolving industry.

They support the rights of medical marijuana patients and marijuana businesses. Their services are aimed at offering sustainable support for a long-term growth with a durable framework for cannabis industry. Their services cover:

  • Marijuana Business Law
  • Local Ordinance Knowledge
  • Marijuana Business Licensing
  • Operational Plans
  • Marijuana Business Consulting

Operating from Pasadena, CA, our Marijuana Business Law Associates can help you to stay informed and stay regulated under the California state regulations for marijuana industry.