The International Artificial Grow Light Association exists to educate and further develop the science of growing plants indoors under purely artificial light or as a supplement to sunlight in greenhouses. As a group we are technologically agnostic. If there is a product or technology that improves our garden experience in terms of crop quality and yield, we want to know about it and share it with our members.

Within this site you will find information that will become the tools that will help you better understand the science of plant lighting. We are continuously updating our site to stay current with new technologies and products that may improve indoor/greenhouse harvests and is broken down as follows;

​Side by Side Technical Comparisons: here we will take 3rd party test results from grow light manufacturers who have these reports posted on their website and assemble that data in a format that allows for a comparative analysis of the products performance based on emitted spectrum’s, total photon output, area of coverage, actual consumed wattage, price and any other added value features they may offer. We do not recommend one product over the other. We let the data speak for itself.

​Plant Lighting Essentials; here will find IAGLA authored white papers that introduce you to the fundamentals of plant lighting.

Plant Lighting News: here you will find current articles written by some of the top plant sciences researchers and authors in the world. This is where you’ll get the latest news for creating optimal plant lighting conditions.

Plant Lighting Chemistry: here you will find articles and papers that deal with unique plant photochemical responses based on research that delves into any element of how light intensity, spectrum and duration can positively influence our crop quality, yields, extractions and times to harvest.

Plant Lighting Controls: here you will find articles, white papers and links to energy savings lighting and controls that will help you meet your crops daily lighting needs without spending more on the power than you have to. Here you will also find out about the latest utility incentives and programs that will effect what equipment you decide to use and when you choose to use it.

​Indoor Cultivation and the Environment: here you will find articles, white papers and links to anything that has to do with farmers reducing their carbon footprint through energy and water savings strategies under year round cultivation processes.

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