Alberta Innovates functions as a globally competitive research and innovation system. Within the system government, industry and academia interact to develop solutions to global challenges and use knowledge for the growth and diversification of Alberta’s economy. Alberta Innovates operates as an integrated system aligned with the strategies and priorities of Government of Alberta line departments.

Good working partnerships and support are key to a company’s ability to quickly translate research into meaningful products, processes and services – all in an environment of open innovation. And Alberta is the place that fosters and integrates all of these vital elements.

InnoTech Alberta helps technical industries find solutions, develop products and move technologies to market. It’s building on Alberta’s already established advantage in platform technologies – like nanotechnology, information communications technologies, and genomics – to enhance the technical capacity within Alberta’s high-tech companies. It’s facilitating access to the strengths of key partners that help support commercialization and grow new ventures. It’s investing in and attracting research and entrepreneurial talent who can support these priorities.

InnoTech Alberta is setting the stage for a stronger next generation economy built on the foundation of work that originates in Alberta and benefits the globe.

250 Karl Clark Road Edmonton,  AB  T6N 1E4 Canada