Grown Rogue is a seed to experience cannabis brand passionate about the environment, community, and education. We operate all facets of our business with principles of transparency and integrity. Our products are always organic meeting Clean Green Certification and our approach to classifying the experience of cannabis is rooted in science. We combine 50 years of cultivation knowledge with a diverse private sector background to bring you a fully integrated cannabis company offering top shelf flower and extracts, business services for our peers, and education.

The genesis of Grown Rogue came about over a decade ago when we began cultivating cannabis under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. What started as a hobby evolved into a passion to help local Oregonians who were beginning to turn the tide from traditional pharmaceutical products to cannabis. From cancer to glaucoma, veterans to grandmothers, we saw the potential of this plant to bring people together in common goals and to create better, healthier lifestyles.

We met in early 2000 while both playing collegiate basketball and quickly realized we shared common goals with regards to ambition, drive, dedication, and trust which has not only carried us through our now 15-year marriage but is also the backbone of Grown Rogue’s culture which is built on family values, community, and respect. As we realized the need in Oregon for superior quality cannabis products, we expanded our medical operation to provide quality medicine to over 50 patients in Oregon. With the onset of legalization there was no question in either of our minds to apply our business principles and cultivation experience to provide premium cannabis products to the entire Oregon community and beyond.– Obie and Sarah Strickler

655 Rossanley Drive Medford,  OR  97501 United States