We’re eradicators of humidity. Deliverers of light. Defenders against rot. The hardest questions about labor, energy and water inspire us. And the smallest of details excite us. And through it all, our tenets guide our every move:


ECS provides the roadmap necessary to ensure details are scrutinized and quantifiable metrics are used to establish – and meet – facility yield/performance targets.

Disease Management

Although there are times when loss of yield is unavoidable, ECS plans facilities with the goal of creating conditions hostile to pathogens through adherence to best practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


A sustainable business is one that’s able to plan the next phase of expansion. ECS wants to be your partner along this path of sustainability by help you to produce your targeted yields and secure your business goals while conserving labor, energy, water and nutrients.

We’re extremely proud of our relationships and affiliations with these internationally-renowned companies and organizations. We take great pride in being resourceful. We carefully identify the most innovative products and most knowledgeable greenhouse technology manufacturers/suppliers for each and every project we collaborate on. Because the right fit is everything. Just know that in each and every instance we will run toward the hard stuff.

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