DOMINIONAG was formed as a division of Dominion Builders, in response to the need within a growing industry for a professional organization to effectively integrate the Planning, Design, and Construction of agricultural growing facilities.

DOMINIONAG is led by a team of executives with more than 40 years of experience in development and construction, along with expertise in the planning, design, and construction of large-scale Greenhouses and Hydroponic farms.

DOMINIONAG is an assemblage of Development, Design, Horticultural, and Construction professionals with the knowledge and expertise required to efficiently translate the requirements of our clients from concept to harvest.

DOMINIONAG provides program management services required to lead our clients through governmental application processes, project schedule and budget approvals, evaluation of growing systems, facility design and regulatory approvals, vendor selections, construction, and commissioning.

DOMINIONAG …We Simplify your development process by integrating our industry expertise, with the professionals and components required to Expedite your grow and maximize return on investment.

4942 South LeJeune Road, Suite 203 Coral Gables,  FL  33146 United States