As licensed Real Estate Professionals, licensed Attorneys, and previously-licensed marijuana business owners, we understand the hot cannabis real estate and business markets. We have the experience and knowhow to guide you through the complex regulatory environment that comes with starting and growing your cannabis business.​ Our aim is to create a national platform where like-minded professionals can help each other achieve their marijuana-related real estate and investment goals.

Our Team pays special attention to:

~ Zoning regulations for all cannabis-friendly Counties & Municipalities ~
~ Community analysis for Buffer Zones, Distance Requirements, Market Data ~
~ Property analysis for Electrical Capacity, HVAC, Security & Investment Potential (ROI) ~
(Ask us about Solar-Powered, Eco-Conscious, Computer-Automated Greenhouses)

We also work with marijuana-focused certified contractors, American-Made greenhouse manufacturers, consultants, and industry leaders. Our network of Industry Professionals include Attorneys who specialize in Cannabis and Water Law, Consultants with licensed industry experience, Financial Planners who will help you develop your business to build your portfolio, and Greenhouse Architects that will design/construct the greenhouse of your eco-conscious and sustainable cultivation dreams.

Interested in joining our network? Let’s see how we can create a value partnership to accomplish your cannabis dreams and elevate your business to the next level.

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