We started investing in the marijuana industry in 2014, three short years ago. To date, our portfolio has over 60 investments that include emerging leaders poised for exponential success in America’s Next Great Industry.

Canopy provides venture capital to seed-stage ancillary cannabis companies. Our unique 16-week business accelerator is a catalyst for new marijuana related businesses. Investors in our funds receive:

Risk mitigation
Information rights
Follow-on and co-investment rights
Exclusive industry insights
Investing in the marijuana industry is challenging, with obstacles and risks on all sides. Our experienced and professional fund management team works to mitigate those risks through diversification, due diligence, active management, and industry insight. Canopy is one of the most active investment funds in the cannabis industry.

Our approach leverages early investment at favorable valuations, positioning the fund for exponential growth when a startup achieves success. Get involved now!

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