Calyx Peak Capital (CPC) provides capital for entrepreneurs primarily in the cannabis space with investment capital from our network of accredited investors. In the current year alone, CPC has funded multiple leaf touching Cannabis businesses in multiple states and non-leaf touching ancillary investments. We have secured capital commitments and are looking to acquire controlling or significant stakes in Cannabis related businesses.

Our expert investment team is based in the United States and Canada where we leverage our financial and industry network to identify and develop investment themes that utilize the core philosophy of partnering up with seasoned experts and operators in the space, while offering its own private equity expertise and network to our partners we are invested with. Our investment philosophy is based on the principle that capital and expert industry involvement is the complimenting keys to success. With this in mind, our investment team is constantly involved with every single investment made where we offer advice and assist in the building of a business with the partners we invest with.

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