Alternative Medicine Association stands proud as the first licensed cultivator to sell cannabis in Las Vegas, helping to sow the seeds of the cannabis industry’s rise throughout the state of Nevada. As pioneers of marijuana, they’ve worked closely with the state to set the standards for cultivation to what they should be, ensuring that each bud they trim offers patients and recreational users alike a cannabis experience that’s exceptional, potent, and consistent in quality.

Alternative Medicine Association passionately continues to break down the walls of the cannabis industry, helping patients heal, offering recreational users an exceptional experience and continuing to discover the many benefits of marijuana yet to unfold.

Alternative Medicine Association’s founding team began in California, legally cultivating cannabis for as long as possible while working in compliance with the ever-changing state regulations. When updating with the state’s rules became too complicated, the growers moved their operations to Nevada, where the marijuana industry was just getting started. With decades of growing experience and a passionate belief in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, the founders over time had developed particular methods of quality control and cultivation to provide safe medical marijuana for very specific health conditions.

Committed to continuous innovation and the medical aspects of marijuana, Alternative Medicine Association formed, and eventually sold the very first amount of cannabis in Nevada in August of 2015. Since this landmark event, Alternative Medicine Association continues to develop new tracking and storing methods, and within 2017 will expand into a new, state-of-the-art cultivation facility.

3375 Pinks Place Las Vegas,  NV  89102-8434 United States