The Alaska Marijuana Industry Association was developed by a group of dedicated individuals who want Alaska to be able to enjoy a legal, regulated and taxed cannabis industry that operates transparently and to the benefit of Alaska’s citizens. Their goal is to be an inclusive advocate of all the facets of cannabis from seed, to harvest, possible manufacturing, and finally to retail sales. The AMIA strives to provide accurate, current,and factual information about cannabis to help correct the stereotypes that have existed around a plant that can benefit so many.

Membership options are tailored to meet every level of industry involvement, from corporations to individuals. Benefits include access to all the informational articles, e-mail updates, posting open positions on the public job board, discounts on a Handler Card Course, admission to events, as well as automatic inclusion in telephonic events. Executive members are eligible for board membership and have voting status.

3003 Minnesota Drive, Suite 201, Anchorage,  AK  99503 United States