At Advancing Alternatives, we’ve been serving the greenhouse and dairy industries since 1997. Greenhouse growers have long benefited from our ventilation, climate control, and light deprivation product lines. From our popular Roll Lock Curtain system to our Light Deprivation system, we promote the use of nature’s sunlight and breezes allowing our customers to realize healthier, and more energy-efficient, greenhouse operations. We believe that the splendor of nature should not only be the outcome but also the means of achieving that outcome.

As the needs of growers and farmers have changed, so have we. We constantly refine and broaden our product lines to remain exceedingly responsive to our valued customers. We now provide a top-performing line of pruning tools, including hand pruners, loppers, and trimmers, that are all suited for use in your backyard or a commercial greenhouse, a line of sprayers that are rugged enough to withstand the rigorous use of commercial growing, as well as garden gloves and commercial gloves that are ideal for all your outdoor needs.

Today, as always, our products are being developed and expanded in order to be exceedingly responsive to our valued customers. In addition, our technicians are prepared to assist in the development of custom solutions based on specific greenhouse needs. We realize the success of our company relies highly on the way we service the needs of our customers; therefore, we are known for doing business the “right” way – with fairness and empathy, and ask the same of our employees. Our motto is – “treat customers as you expect to be treated.”

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