Leafly Staff Picks: The Strains That Got Us Through 2020

Working at Leafly provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of weed. And while Leafly’s staff has spent most of 2020 working hard under unprecedented circumstances, they know which strains kept them going through a wild and crazy year.

Check out this list of strains that Leaflets enjoyed in both the US and Canada in 2020.

Space Queen

Leafly is full of newshounds, pop culture aficionados, and social media nerds. Our senior financial analyst, Erica, made a 2020 memory with Space Queen that she’ll never forget.

“I heard about the Four Seasons Total Landscaping story while I was smoking Space Queen, and there was a moment where I did not know if I was ever going to be able to breathe again.”


As you might imagine, there’s several home growers that work at Leafly. In 2020, Huckleberry made an impression on our creative producer, Justin.

Being stuck at home due to COVID and working on our Homegrow series inspired me to start a garden on my patio (tomatoes, peppers, chard, etc). As a medical marijuana patient, I also started some Huckleberry seeds that were gifted to me by a good friend. The Huckleberry turned out amazing and super clean! I already prefer berry/citrus strains high in limonene or caryophyllene, so to get both in my own home grow was dope.


Leafly staff members have a real connection with the outdoors. It’s not strange for someone on the team to ditch their electronics and get out into Mother Nature – like Tanner, our senior business intelligence manager, did with some Stardawg.

“It’s a trippy strain that is meant for the outdoors and listening to your favorite tunes. While I might have to look really hard for the strain, it’s 100% worth the extra time and effort to find. Take this one out camping with your friends!”

Forbidden Fruit

Leafly wouldn’t be the same without our relationships with dispensaries. Meghan, who works as a client success manager, even found her new favorite strain, Forbidden Fruit, while helping a dispensary set up their online ordering.

“I asked a budtender ‘What’s that smell?’, and we all had a good laugh before I specified exactly what I was smelling. ‘I KNOW I’m smelling weed! There’s a very specific, fruity smell though!’ They guided me to Forbidden Fruit. It’s easily in the top 10 strains I’ve smoked in my life. The grapefruit smell is really energizing, and I get a good active yet relaxed high when I smoke. Good for waking and baking ahead of a day of home projects, or just to unwind at the end of the day!”


COVID may have stopped us from being in the office, but it didn’t stop Leafly Staff in Washington from enjoying the beautiful Seattle summer. Program manager Karen kept the party rolling with Gaswerx in Summer 2020.

“I have a pretty high tolerance and was happy to find a strain that actually gets me lit. I enjoy it in a honey Backwoods blunt.”


Resident strainologist and superdad (and senior editor) David rediscovered his love for citrus profiles with Squirt. In his own words:

“It smells exactly like the soft drink, Squirt. The sativa-hybrid effects are great for cleaning the kitchen and not knowing/caring you did. I grew some of my own and it was the most oily, terpy, and pretty of the bunch. Really vigorous, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant. Very versatile and approachable, but you can still get ripped. Added bonus: It’s good for date night with inviting notes of grapefruit and passionfruit.”

Peppermint Cookies

We enjoy smoking our strains, but sometimes a dab will do ya. Our SEO manager Cassidy identified Peppermint Cookies as her go-to dab strain.

“I love dabbing rosin concentrate in the evenings. Peppermint Cookies makes my whole body feel high and happy – effectively melting the stress away.”

OG Chem

Staying inspired is part of our job. Estelle, Leafly’s director of business marketing, discovered OG Chem on 420 and has been using it to stay creative and express herself ever since.

“My favorite things about OG Chem are that it feels very euphoric, creative, and consistent – all of which have really helped the whole ‘coping with the rollercoaster that is 2020’ thing. I chase high-THC strains and have no shame admitting I want to be baked off my ass a couple of times a week. This consistently hits harder than almost anything else I’m smoking, while still allowing my brain to focus and my body to do things like laundry and cook dinner. Best case scenario: Fresh ground OG Chem in a very clean bong, in the early afternoon, with an art project lined up.”

Great White Shark

Liora, Leafly’s Canada editor, held us down in the Great White North. She says that the strain that got her through the year was Great White Shark.

“This is body buzz weed for when you’re still trying to stay on task, but my favorite way to enjoy it is in a rolled joint, on the balcony while endless scrolling delivery menus after work.”

From all of us at Leafly to you, happy holidays and congrats on making it through an unforgettable 2020! Don’t forget: weed makes the perfect gift any time of the year.

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