Has Colorado’s Marijuana Industry Reached Adulthood?


Colorado’s pot industry has finally grown up, according to a new report commissioned by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division.

The MED hired the Marijuana Industry Group and the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business to compile a report on the state of the green market in 2019, analyzing data connected to marijuana sales, supply, consumers, pricing and other industry factors to measure how far the legal pot industry has come since 2014, when recreational sales began.

And according to the report, Colorado’s pot industry has come a long way.

“This year’s update shows the regulated marijuana market continues to meet resident and visitor demand, concentrates continue to gain market share in the legal marijuana marketplace, Colorado remains a competitive place for marijuana businesses and price stabilization suggests market maturity,” according to MED statement on the results.

But what does a mature market mean besides more hash and increased competition? We checked out the MED’s 2019 market report to find out, and came away with five highlights:

Marijuana prices and supply are still seasonal and commodified, but at least those price peaks are lower than they used to be. [Read more at Westword]


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