Dissatisfaction with Ohio’s medical marijuana program is widespread


Nearly two years after Ohio’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened, dissatisfaction with the state’s medicinal cannabis industry remains widespread, even as more people say the program fulfills their needs.

That’s according to a report by Ohio State’s Drug Enforcement and Policy Center, which included the results of a survey of 400 Ohioans who have used, or would like to use, medical pot.

Around 61% of the 388 respondents said they are at least somewhat dissatisfied with the program, compared to 67% in 2019.

The biggest concern: cost.

Industry officials stress that prices have fallen since the program began in earnest, more dispensaries are open — resulting in shorter commutes for many — and a greater variety of products are available.

A representative of the Ohio Department of Commerce, which oversees marijuana cultivators and processors, said the program has made great strides toward affordability and accessibility, which is reflected in expanding patient rolls.

But patients say cost remains the biggest barrier, starting with the price of a doctor’s recommendation.

Acquiring a marijuana card costs $150 to $250. Only 653 doctors have a certificate to write marijuana recommendations, compared to more than 116,000 registered patients. Roughly 10% of nonpatients said they couldn’t find a certified doctor, the report said. [Read more at The Columbus Dispatch]


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