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Borosilicate is usually found in the form of commercial glass which can tolerate temperature variations, making it perfect for making pipes. Borosilicate does not expand as much as other glasses when heated, so there is a very low risk of cracking of the seals or accessories when a flame is applied. Today, it is the …

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Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate Glass is versatile and is used to create dab rigs and water pipes. It is preferred material by cannabis investors for a range of manufacturing and recreational purposes due to its durability and strength. Also, it can tolerate change in the temperature which makes it popular for making the device for the smoking of …

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Bowl is the part of the pipe which is used to hold cannabis which can be designed from wood, plastic, bamboo, glass, and ceramic. It is an essential component for any cannabis flowers or cannabis seeds smoking device. It can be attached or detached as per the convenience and to clean it, like you can …

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A Bubbler is an innovative device that is used to smoke flower. It is similar to a bong and also has the benefits of regular spoon pipes. It has a water chamber, stem, bowl and mouthpiece. It was believed that the first bubbler was invented in the 1960s as a better alternative to smoking devices. …

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Bud is the part of the cannabis plant that is used by cannabis investors for its psychoactive properties. It’s often grown and distributed in small fragrant clumps further this actual flower is curved, harvested, and used for both medicinal and recreational purposes as they contain a high concentration of active cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, …

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Budder is similar to butter or can say is another form of opaque hash oil (wax) and is soft, pliable and more crumbly. It is extracted with a solvent and then whipped during the final stages of the exclusion process. Budder is often preferred for its ease of use as it is neither solid nor …

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Buds refers to the actual flower of the marijuana plant that is harvested by cannabis growers to use for medicinal and recreational purposes due to its high concentration of cannabinoids within the plant. These are generally the dried flowers and act as a key part of the female cannabis plant. It is also referred to …

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Budtender is a combination of the blending word of “bud” and “bartender”. It plays a most crucial role in any cannabis dispensaries, as it is the keeper of the cannabis seeds, flowers that are packaged for sale in a dispensary. It is an experienced seller who is capable of seeing and smelling 99% of the …

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Butane is just one of many cannabis-like products that have recently increased in availability in the cannabis retail goods, illicit market, and medical. It is used to extract the oils from the cannabis extraction process and involves passing liquid butane through the raw vegetation and highly concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in plant material. Trichomes dissolve easily …

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