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Vacuum Oven

The vacuum oven is a device used for both drying cannabis to reduce the potential for mold or mildew formation and to improve the quality of the product. It helps to remove residual solvent concentrates by applying heat and negative pressure. Various experts suggest a vacuum oven for a delicate drying process. In cannabis processing, …

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Vaporization is the process of a substance conversion from a solid concentrate into inhalable vapor. To vaporize cannabis, it must be heated to a burning point of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature heats the resin cannabinoids and causes them to form vapor which is inhaled without the negative side effects users can often experience …

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A vaporizer is a device used to heat flower or concentrate for inhalation. Cannabis products are vaporized to consume their activated cannabinoids. It is a much healthier alternative to smoking and can be used to vaporize dry herbs, wax, and oil. There are desktop, portable vaporizers, and vape pens.

Waffle Perc

A waffle perc is a type of bong. It resembles a waffle due to the criss-cross pattern of its holes. Much like other percs, the arrangement of holes is meant to diffuse and cool the vapor. Waffle percs are much thicker than disc percs.


Wax is a cannabis concentrate made by “cooking” the cannabis material with a solvent (most commonly butane) and extracting the THC which results in a sticky wax-like resin. Cannabis wax is extremely powerful and contains THC 75-95%. A potent plant may have a THC content of 30%. It is smoked with an oil platform dab

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Weed is one of the most popular slang terms for cannabis and is used interchangeably with marijuana or pot. Usage: “I bought some really good weed at the dispensary yesterday..”


Zip is a slang word used as the gold standard for measuring cannabis, usually in the form of flower or bud. One zip equals one ounce which is equivalent to 28.4 grams. An ounce is abbreviated to “oz” when used in measurements. It’s from that “oz” where we get the “z” from “zip”. Usage: “I’m …

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