Heat Cleaning

Heat cleaning is a process of heating a nail on a dabbing platform to remove any remaining resin or concentrate. Cleaning the dabs is simpler as less resin is produced by the lack of combustion during buffering. However, dab platforms accumulate recovery which can clog the device and reduce the flavor of each dab.

It can be complicated to clean dab platforms properly if they contain advanced filtration properties. Repeated use of a nail, especially if it’s not cleaned regularly, can create carbon and recover build-up. One of the simplest methods of cleaning a nail or banger is to heat it with a torch lighter until the residue burns. If it is a small amount, it should be washed adequately by burning down a fingernail.

If you use the heat cleaning method on your ceramic nails, do not expose them to a rapidly changing temperature as this could potentially cause a stressful break in the bong.

“Yesterday I used the heat cleaning method for my dab rig and now it’s looking brand new.”

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