CO2 extraction

CO2 extraction method is used to extract cannabinoids from the industrial hemp or hemp plant, manufacturers, or cannabis production of high-quality CBD. During the extraction process, the hemp is subjected to low temperatures and high pressures.

It is also known as the supercritical CO2 extraction technique which freezes and compresses the CO2 to its supercritical state, then passes the cold liquefied CO2 gas through the cannabis, representing all the essential terpene oils, cannabinoids, and plant material waxes in collection containers.

However, it is the cleanest and safest method used in cannabis concentrates extraction and to get pure cannabinoids. It does not require synthetic solvents and maintains the integrity of the cannabis plant. In addition, this method leaves no residue, produces CO2 oil which can be vaporized in many ways and is also a cost-effective and recyclable process.

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