Closed-loop System

Closed-Loop system is a term used to describe the cannabis extraction equipment which allows processors to extract the vigorous compounds from cannabis using a variety of solvents in a highly efficient and safe environment. While the type of solvent used may vary depending on the structure of the system, it is called closed-loop because, during the extraction process, no solvent is exposed to the open air.

Normally,a close-loop system is subjected to higher pressure than open loop systems, which increases the interface time between butane and cannabis seeds, or the raw product and the solvent. The part of this efficiency comes from the fact that the closed-loop system allows the extractor to control the temperature which directly affects the solubility of THC in butane.

The final advantage of closed-extraction (CLE) is the quality of the finished product like cannabis concentrates or oil extracted.

“With the right closed-loop system, there is less risk for explosion.”

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