Today, the clone is very popular in the cannabis industry because cannabis plants can be rooted and grown from clipping. Like many plants, cannabis can be propagated asexually via cloning, which creates a same hereditary copy of the cannabis mother plant.
In short, a clone is a true and tested genetic starting material that will taste and yield in the standard range of the strain you select. When you grow clones from cannabis seeds make sure you purchase from reputable cannabis dispensaries to eliminate the chances of getting a bad phenotype and for healthy genetic diversity across the whole cannabis genome.
Also, cannabis growers can buy many clones of a single marijuana plant to grow many plants as same as the parent plant and produce buds with similar taste, potency, odor, etc.
Therefore, cloning cannabis plants is simple and does not require extensive gardening experience.
“Cloning has become a wonder for my cannabis garden and has saved me a lot of money.”

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