Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil (AKA, Marijuana Oil or THC Oil), is the resin or concentrate that are extracted from cannabis flowers and plant material. Cannabis oil can be extracted using a variety of methods, both with and without solvents. The various cannabis oils are: CO2 oil, distillates, hydrocarbon extracts (AKA, Butane Hash Oil or BHO), dry sifts (AKA, kief or dry sieve), ice water hash and rosin. All of these various methods can be used to smoke, dab, vape, and can be taken transdermally, sublingually or ingested.
All these various methods create a variety of products like wax, budder, crumble or shatter, the oil found in vape cartridges and used to add to edibles,
Unlike CBD oil, Cannabis Oil is made from medical/recreational cannabis as opposed to industrial hemp and Cannabis oil contains much more THC than CBD Oil.

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