A Bubbler is an innovative device that is used to smoke flower. It is similar to a bong and also has the benefits of regular spoon pipes. It has a water chamber, stem, bowl and mouthpiece. It was believed that the first bubbler was invented in the 1960s as a better alternative to smoking devices. The best about a bubbler is that it uses water filtration with cannabis to produce cool and smooth smoke. Plus, it is small, easy to use and carry, portable, and more discrete. In order to use bubbler, fill the bubbler with an appropriate amount of water, place the cannabis into the bowl, light the cannabis, and cover a small hole in the bubbler’s base, a cloud of smoke will be created from the burning cannabis that can be inhaled. Also, cannabis smokers say that by using bubblers they have less coughing, nose burning, throat irritation, and other adverse respiratory effects. Usage: “Yeah, my bubbler gave me the smoothest smoking sesh.”

“Yeah, my bubbler gave me the smoothest smoking sesh.”

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