Several thousand years ago, the bong was invented in the Middle East to smoke tobacco by many people. But today it has become the most popular method for smoking cannabis seeds, flowers, tobacco, or plant extracts because it conducts smoke through the neck and deeper into users’ lungs faster, exposing more from mucous membranes to smoke.
It can be made of any material like glass, plastic, ceramic, wood and metal. Generally, it is similar to a hookah but comes in vast shapes, modifications and sizes like neck pinches, etc. In addition, some bong tubes are single straight that connects to the mouthpiece of the user, whereas others have a broad bottom that connects to the tube of the user.
Therefore, using a bong is easy and can be found at any cannabis vapeshops, but can be overwhelming for new users. So, it is best to start by taking slow, conservative shots, and then adjusting your inhalation once you get the cooler smoke process in larger quantities.
“I prefer to use a clean double chamber bong”

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