The banger is a plate/dish that holds weeds on the platform to vaporize cannabis concentrates on a dab or bang platform. It is generally circular in shape but may also vary in design and generally in ceramic, quartz, titanium or glass.
With proper design and use of materials, the banger allows it to withstand the extremely high heat associated with the vaporization of cannabis concentrates. It offers easy cleaning, durability, air restrictions and a better flavor vaping experience to cannabis investors.
The bangers are delivered with female and male joints, so it is essential to ensure that the banger adapts to the parallel joint.
After installing the banger in the joint and heating, the deliberate can be placed on the banger using tools like a glass or metal pad. For best results, it is important that the banger successfully retains the heat because only then will it bring out the flavor of the concentrates and make the nail last a long time.

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