Backcrossing is a type of breeding that is also called BX, B means Back and X means Cross. It allows the transfer of a desired character from the parent to the offspring and creates a hybrid plant genetically more similar to its parent. Ideally, the offspring carry two sets of desirable genes from the mother plant.
The process involved in this guarantees that the strain is more homozygous and makes stronger the desirable genetics and traits. In addition, the genes are passed onto the next generation, then to the next, and so on.
If you decide to backcross a variety, make sure you have time, patience, and don’t overdo cannabis production. Usage: excessive backcrossing can bring up bad recessive genes. In addition, backcross breeding should only be done once or twice.
Usually the preeminent male plant is selected instead of the female to be reproduced from the parent. It usually takes 4 – 5 generations for the parent to reproduce the hybrid before it has the desired consistency. At this point, a female and male stabilized hybrid can be bred to generate a new mixture.

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