Auto-buddering is also known as sugaring which makes marijuana concentrates, in which the mixture, which usually occurs when broken or pulled, is kept in an area of ​​high heat, agitation or humidity. It transforms hard wax as a texture material to become a soft bud shape.
High-level agitation is also considered to cause automatic bogging. Impurities or imperfections in the cannabis concentrates can also contribute to nucleation of the concentrate and cause it to change from clear to a cloudy color type.
Many strains that are powerful in terpenes tend to endure from self-budding more frequently than stains that contain less terpene. It is safe to use concentrates which have an automatic buddering effect. Once nucleation takes place in the automatic burst, which is further composed of cannabinoids of crystalline appearance and consistency that allow light to pass through. In addition, the material turns into polycrystal as the self-deformation process occurs and the pattern of the crystal is divided into small pieces. Thus, the lipids and contaminants of the cannabis production were isolated from the cannabinoids.
It is best to place the concentrates in dry, cooler and darker areas to avoid automatic disruption, as well as to handle the concentrates with care.

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