420 is a slang term used in the cannabis culture meaning marijuana. It is also referred to an internationally recognized day to smoke pot or get high.  This takes place every year on April 20, aka 420 Day.


There have been many stories on where the term 420 started.  One myth is that 420 was a penal code in California used by the police officials for cannabis use. But actually, this code means ‘obstructing entry on private property’, and it does not refer to cannabis use in any other US state.

Most agree that the true origins surround a group of high school students from northern California.  In 1971, some friends used to meet outside their high school to get high after their class at 4:20 PM and started the use of 420.   After that, the term 420 has become embedded in cannabis culture and has become synonymous with marijuana and getting high.  Each year on April 20, cannabis advocates from all over the world, celebrate the cannabis culture, whether it is legal or not.


Hey, is your friend 420 friendly?

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