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420 is a slang term used in the cannabis culture meaning marijuana. It is also referred to an internationally recognized day to smoke pot or get high.  This takes place every year on April 20, aka 420 Day. History: There have been many stories on where the term 420 started.  One myth is that 420 …

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710 is also known as July 10. It is a recognized holiday for smoking effective cannabis oil products. Just like ‘420,’ ‘720’ is a term proposed by stoners and used to celebrate doses of cannabis and dabs on 10th of July or 7/10. ‘OIL’ is the word that is the reason behind this term as …

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Agitation breaks the trichomes off the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant material. It is the safest and effective method for removing trichomes from the variety of subspecies and strains of cannabis plants. When the marijuana plant material adds to water and dry ice, then agitation helps to separate the trichomes.The agitation method not …

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Backcrossing is a type of breeding that is also called BX, B means Back and X means Cross. It allows the transfer of a desired character from the parent to the offspring and creates a hybrid plant genetically more similar to its parent. Ideally, the offspring carry two sets of desirable genes from the mother …

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The banger is a plate/dish that holds weeds on the platform to vaporize cannabis concentrates on a dab or bang platform. It is generally circular in shape but may also vary in design and generally in ceramic, quartz, titanium or glass. With proper design and use of materials, the banger allows it to withstand the …

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BHO stands for butane hash oil which is a common method for making cannabis concentrates. It is a process in which the cannabis flowers pass through a butane wash, which extracts the oils and chemicals to create an amber resin. The process usually involves placing the raw plant material in a tube usually made of …

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Blasting is used to make concentrates by forcing a solvent through the plant material to extract its oils. Butane is one of the most common solvents used to detonate cannabis plant material. Blasting solvents can be dangerous due to flammable solvents, so be careful. Therefore, the cannabis packaging is done in a glass tube and …

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Several thousand years ago, the bong was invented in the Middle East to smoke tobacco by many people. But today it has become the most popular method for smoking cannabis seeds, flowers, tobacco, or plant extracts because it conducts smoke through the neck and deeper into users’ lungs faster, exposing more from mucous membranes to …

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