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My name is Brad Bogus. I am a career marketer. I’ve been working in the space for about 15 years, the last four of which have been in the cannabis industry. Currently the VP of Marketing and Sales operations at Dama Financial, we do banking for the cannabis industry essentially, all across different financial products. So if anybody needs compliant banking in the cannabis industry, I’m your guy. In the meantime, let’s talk marketing.


In theater actually studied theater, acting and directing, all through college. And I’ve always been an artist. So I’m an actor, I’m a musician. I’m a writer, I’m a painter, I’m a sketch artist. So all these different things that I’ve always gravitated to as a person that all have to do with storytelling. And when I found myself, in this career marketing, I found these skills and, and processes that I learned as an actor and as an artist, to be some of the most valuable things in my toolset when it came to being a successful marketer. So I want to share with you a bit about what it means to tell a story, why telling stories is powerful for marketing, and show you a little bit of data around that. But I also want to tell you about the process of trying to understand characters from the way that actors do on stage and how that process translates into a marketing strategy. What you can do to start thinking like, like I do, so let’s get into it.

What is Marketing?

I wanted to start by defining marketing. In my own terms, I could have used just a, you know, easy definition of marketing online, or I could have used an even simpler definition of marketing. But I don’t think any of those things speak to it the way I think of marketing. So what I see when I see the word marketing is interrupting someone in the course of their day, no matter where they are to try to get them to care about something enough to do something. Right. So this means that like, in the course of our days, we’re either at work, or we’re at the grocery store, or we’re in the middle of the game, or we’re playing around on Facebook, and each and every time we’re in the middle of our day. A marketers job is to interrupt us in any of those things that we’re doing. Give us a message that hopefully we care about enough that we actually do something whether that’s open your email or buy your product in the store. To me, all advertising and marketing can be distilled down to trying to interrupt something, to tell them something that they should care about, hopefully enough to get them to do something. In this concept, there is no such thing as B2B or B2C marketing effort. In fact, I think this is kind of really one of the silliest things in our profession, is this division between B2B and B2C. Obviously, there are very different tactics one might take to execute on a marketing strategy. But one of the worst hiring decisions I’ve ever seen, and it happens in almost every single company is a consumer brand, not hiring B2B software marketers because they’re not B2C marketers. It’s like, Oh, you market software, you don’t know how to market to people, or vice versa. You only know how to market to brands, you’ve never had to market to a business person. This idea that we stop being people and just start being consumers or business people is absolutely absurd.

I don't think there's such such a thing. As B2B marketing and B2C marketing. I think there is only B2P marketing is business to people, people are going about their day, you have to interrupt them in the middle of that day, to get them to care enough about something to do something.

Brad Bogus

Doesn’t matter whether they’re a business or a consumer. We all think and feel we’re all humans, we make decisions. And this information has to interact with us. And at some point, you have to make us care about something to do something, doesn’t matter which hat you’re wearing and the time that you’re doing it. So that’s what I think of is marketing. Love and some shits Creek. So how to throw a little shits Creek in there for you. 

You Can’t Sell Without a Story to Tell

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 We all aim to get more leads, traffic and sales in our canna businesses. But Brad Bogus has a different perspective on sales here. Do you want to learn what it means to tell a story, why telling stories are powerful for marketing, and see a little bit of data around that? In his session  Brad will tell you about the process of trying to understand characters from the way that actors do on stage and how that process translates into a marketing strategy and selling points. 

Who is Brad Bogus?

brad bogus

Brad is a growth and marketing leader in the cannabis industry. Previously, he was the General Manager of The Cannabist, overseeing all of the business operations of the publication alongside Editor-in-Chief Ricardo Baca. As VP of Growth and Marketing at Confident Cannabis, Brad built a team from scratch to lead the growth of the company by helping cannabis businesses buy and sell from one another more effectively. He’s now VP of Marketing & Sales Operations at Dama Financial, helping cannabis businesses #getbanked. With 15 years of leadership experience in companies ranging from cannabis software and media to marketing agencies to eSports gaming, he is a practitioner of connecting the dots and solving problems.

Additionally, Brad is a huge proponent of corporate social responsibility and promoting social good as a strategy for companies to do right, profitably.

Brad is an artist, musician, actor and punk rocker, just trying to make time for all the things.

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