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Life at a glance: Brian Chaplin is a former underground cannabis cultivator. 12- step member.  National wellness brand entrepreneur. Plant medicine advocate. Brain secures in several manifest missions as the Chief Creative Officer of Medicine Box.

Having experienced a transformational healing experience throughout the plant he admittedly fell into cultivating during a fateful renting expedition in 2009, Brian Chaplin has made it his life’s work to bring these healing lessons to both the health and wellness community and the world at large.

Struggles and Success:  In 2002, Chaplin moved out to North Lake to Tahoe, where he worked at various bartending jobs and lived the ski bum lifestyle on the slopes of Squaw Valley. He also fed a self-destructive addiction to booze and cocaine. In 2012, Brian renounced alcohol and cocaine, joined the 12-step community and excelled at his trade as a cannabis cultivator using organic, permaculture-delivered soil strategies. But soon, in both his recovery and his personal life, he reported a “hitting wall”.

The box is born: His solution was to explore the heritage and the mysteries of cannabis as a healing plant. Starting Medicine Box in 2016, Brian developed a brand of tinctures and edibles that were regionally made from locally-sourced cannabis and stylishly packaged, breaking the mold for California cannabis products at the time. Mentored in part by CBD cannabis pioneer Michael Hollister, Brian expanded Medicine Box’s reach throughout the state. However, Brian struggled to abandon Prozac, which he had developed another dependency upon. Hollister developed a special CBD-herbal formulary to wean Brian off of Prozac, which made Brian a convert for life to plant-based medicine. 

The raid and the rebirth: A robbery and police raid at one of Medicine Box’s grow sites in 2017, as well as Hollister’s death and the end of the California medical cannabis era almost put an end to the dream. However, Chaplin hunkered down and not only saved his business, but brought it national in the summer of 2020 during a global pandemic with the premiere of the hemp-herbal-mushroom blends he labels the First Cabinet, or 1CaB, of Medicine Box’s new era. Along with Medicine Box’s seven pillars of Music, Food, Nature, Mindfulness, Collaboration, Community and Recovery, Medicine Box’s products have seen Brian through the darkest moments of his life and steered him towards success. In short, he’s got quite a story to tell.

Nov, 13 2:15 PM EST

The importance of a mission-driven and value-based brand  

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The Cannabis Marketing Masters

Cannabis Stack is bringing the marketing and sales community together for a virtual summit. Expert speakers from the industry will provide countless opportunities to crush your marketing and grow your business. The speakers will provide ready strategies and tools for you to implement. 

Cannabis Stack is bringing marketing and sales community together for a free virtual summit. Expert speakers from the industry will share countless opportunities to crush your marketing and grow your business. There will be ready strategies and tools to implement. 

The Cannabis Marketing Masters gives cannabis and marketing professionals, cannapreneurs, and startup cannabis owners the opportunity to learn new marketing strategies and tactics specific to the Cannabis industry. Our top speakers prepared actionable items for all cannapreneurs and marketing team members that want to do more with less. More importantly, we’re bringing the conference to you — no matter where in the world that might be.

The Cannabis Marketing Masters is designed to give you everything you need to plan and execute your profitable cannabis marketing strategy and team in 2021 and beyond.

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Solutions to your marketing and sales challenges do not have to be complicated or expensive. Given the current trying times, we have preselected for you working tips, techniques and tools for your SEO and Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Traffic and Sales funnels, Up-sells, and Growth opportunities.

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